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Best Waterproof Mascara!
Hi, I've tried countless mascaras both waterproof and non, ranging from drugstore to highnend. I've tried They're Real, Better Than Sex, MUFE Aqua Eyes, Smashbox Full Exposure, Covergirl Clump Crusher, Maybeline's the Rocket and others. Yet by the end of the school day I still end up with raccoon eyes, even if I don't touch my face. I am a very active person and tend to have oily skin so even without much physical activity my mascara smears. It would also be great to have a mascara that will last me until after school and softball/cross country practice. I also prefer a natural mascara look, more lengthening than volumizing. Any recommendations? Thanks! 
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I do not have recommendations, but will definitely follow this thread.  I'm also always looking for good waterproof mascaras for the summer when I go to the beach and po... see post
Eyeshadow brushes
I need to buy eyeshadow brushes and don't know how to start. I need to know exactly the brushes I need to buy, from creating a natural casual look to the smokey eye I love so much. Please help! Thanks!
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Fluffly Blending Brush for Eyeshadow?
I'm looking for a fluffy blending crease brush that is similar to the Sigma E40 but just a little bit smaller.
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Bronzer Recommendations?
Hello! I'm looking to try a new Bronzer and I'm looking for any good recommendation. I usually use powder Bronzer but every time I use any sort of powder bronzer it causes really strange patches and streaks, so I'm leaning torward something that isn't powder.   I use Bronzer to contour, I have skin that is especially dry and I'm very pale. I'm in my 20's.   if any other information is needed just ask! Thanks for your time, it's appreciated! 
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Paraben free electric colored palettes?
Looking to update my beauty routine with some healthier alternatives! Please, any suggestions? Palettes are a must, and paraben free! I was longing for UD electric palette - but half of those colors can't be used "on the immediate eye area."
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You can use the colors on the immediate eye area, it just may stain. Some people have had a negative reaction though, but I will say I never have.   But check out Suga... see post
What's your daily makeup routine?
Your everyday makeup  
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BEAUTY PRO sephoraaaaa / BEAUTY PRO BEAUTY PRO / replied
undereye concealer  blush lipstick/lip balm  halfway through the day- add powder  see post
Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Fragrances!
Hi, everyone!   I was out looking to treat myself at the mall for my last childless birthday yesterday when I came across a display of Guerlain's Aqua Allegoria fragrances in Nordstrom. Do any ladies here have any of these fragrances in their stash? I took a whiff of them all and right now my favorites for spring are Herba Fresca, Mandarine Basilic, and Pamplelune. Can anyone give me any insight on the lasting power of these Eau de Toilettes? They all smell so fresh and springy and delightful that I'm just excited to get my hands on one, but I'd like to know what to expect before pulling the trigger.   Thanks, ladies and gents!
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Cool toned green eyeliner
So I've gotten a little bit of an obsession started with trying to find the perfect green eyeliner - not just any green, it has to be cool toned, not gold-green, not khaki-green, not grass-green, not even touching something lime green. While pastel greens might technically count as cool toned, they remind me of some pictures I've seen from the 80's too much to be considered for this particular color hunt. Teal is an option as long as it's more green than blue while still being cool toned.   I've tried doing some preliminary research on my own and keep getting results for 1.) brand product pages, 2.) not cool toned greens, 3.) best colors for green eyes,and  4.) You must have entered the search terms incorrectly, you meant you want to find purple plum and copper colored products right? Because that's what we're going to show you regardless!   Also, just my luck, cool toned greens are the ones that have not been specifically addressed/reviewed/swatched/found dupes for on temptalia. So here I am, asking my fellow BTers for their help with finding the very specifically cool toned greens that can still be found (no LE shades from 2011!) without resorting to the price gouging mega-retailer sites!
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I have four green eyeliners. You can swatch three of them at Sephora, if you have time. Sorry I am unable to scan the swatches I took.   UD Mainline, which you discuss... see post
Wrong product!
Hi, I bought the wrong Chanel perfume by mistake in Paris. I still have the packaging and receipt, but I am now back in London. How can I return or exchange the item? Thanks.
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Sponge Beauty
I love this company's avocado oil moisturizer.  Had hoped Sephora was going to carry more of their products, but now even the Ladi Avokanto has been OOS for awhile.  Is Sephora dropping them?  Please, please don't!  
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Felt bullied and hurt by sephora SA today.. A New return procedure?
Sorry for the long rant but I need to get this out, it's eating me up inside..maybe I'm wrong maybe I'm not. But I feel upset nonetheless.    I went to sephora to return a couple of items today..I brought up to cash 1 item to price check on and took out my returns. She told me the price and I said no thanks since it was $4 less online at sephora's site so she put it away. I took out my items and told her only 1 didn't have a reciept (I mention its in my purchase history I'm sure) and rest I do have receipts and yes products have been tried. She proceeded to scan then inspect while asking reason for return which I know is fine and normal..So the first non receipt item I say I bought it in dec I think and the liquid lipstick set seems separated as with initial use it squirted oil out instead of actual color and she gives me a smug look and proceeds to squeeze each tube in the set and show me like I'm wrong..then the second item she scans I had the receipt but realised it was the wrong one (brought the survey portion in bad I was in a hurry) so I say I'll bring the item back with proper receipt so she says its scanned already so she will just process with that other item, I say fine and think to myself I'll use the store credit anyway then  she scans the final item that was an online purchase that thankfully I had the invoice for and reason was that the item arrived defective and she looks at me like I damaged it. I say I got it yesterday and that's how it was..another smug look with a very sarcastic "ahuh". Then when all is done, she refunds just my online purchase to my cc then she says ok so what are you buying and suddenly in a high pitched voice, where's the other item you just had it was just here ( price check item that she put away)..she acted like I slipped it in my purse, so I mention I didn't want it remember you put it away and that I'm ok with merchandise credit today coz I don't have time to look around, my kids crying but she says "no you can't and go get something for exchange only" . I feel so humiliated and speechless and in my panic I grab whatever coz I need to tend to my kid at that point it had already taken so long. I felt like she bullied me into buying and I would have appreciated if she mentioned a new policy change or whatever when I told her i didn't have a she then hands over the new receipt with my new products and it has red stamps all across with "exchange only".    Thank you sephora for making me feel like a criminal today. I know I dont matter to you. 
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And you were criticizing the OP for what she thought was "evident" about her SA, so you should follow your own advice and not assume that someone crying because they wer... see post
Best double sided brush?
Hey guys! So I was in the market for a good double sided brush seeing as they are the rage & literally everyone swears by how good they are. Confused between the Kat von d, Tarte, Urban decay one? any other brands that have the double sided face brush? And which is your experience is the best for like maybe contour as well as blending foundation? Any suggestions will be welcome
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Products for crepey eyelids and under eye??
Hi, I'm looking for products that address crepey skin on eyelids and under eyes.  Are there any products that  treat or at least  temporarily reduce the appearance  of  crepiness on lids and under eyes?  Spoiler (Highlight to read) Thank you very much!!   Thank you very much!! 
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I use Elizabeth Grant crepey eye lift, i find it works really well but i would like to know if any other brands that Sephora sells have a similar product. see post
I didnot get a birthday email to get my birthday samples, what can i do to get my birthday sample?
If you purchase something online then it should give you the option to add it to your cart. But if you go in store then just give the cashier your beauty insider card or... see post
asian eyelashes
I'm Korean, so my eyelashes are very thin and they point straight down. I curl my them before I apply mascara but they droop down unless the mascara is waterproof. I've been wanting either the Benefit They're Real or the Too Faced Better Than Sex but I realized that there wasn't a waterproof one available. Does anyone know if they hold a curl like waterproof mascara does?
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Tigurl / NEWCOMER / replied
I don't know about Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara but I DO know that the Benefit They're Real mascara doesn't seem to hold a curl like waterproof mascara. I know this... see post
switch email on accounts
I need to delete an account I made on accident so I can use my email on the right account with all my points. How do I do this??
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Call Sephora and they will be able to do that switch for you! :) see post
Foundation Help
I am  completely drawn between the Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation and the Tare 12 Hour Full Coverage Liquid Foundation.  I have medium skin. My nose and forehead break out a lot and I am looking for something that can cover some bumps and looks very natural. I also have some white scars on my cheeks from  Pityriasis  Alba. I just need something that can make me look like I have naturally perfect skin and can cover my whiteness and my little bit of acne.  I am also looking for a powder to put over the foundation. Something that will match the color almost exactly. It doesn't have to be high end it can be drugstore. So you can have an idea of my skin color. I am maybe about a 6.0 in the Urban Decay Naked Skin and I am not sure about my color in the Tarte Foundation.    Thank you so much!! 
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What make up do I need?
I like the simple, natural look. What make up do I need ASAP? 
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Is there a tinted moisturizer or BB Cream that's the same colour as Tarte's BB in Fair?
The Tarte BB Treatment in Fair matches nicely to my skin but the product looks a bit dry on my face. Does anyone know of any tinted moisturizers that match this colour or are lighter? Whether it's from Sephora, a drugstore or elsewhere? I know there's one that matches by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics but I want to hear what you all recommend first before I decide to get it shipped to me.  
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I also use tarte bb, but I use light. Sometimes it can be a little dry for me too, so I also have Dr Jarte Premium bb. It's a bit lighter than the Tarte bb in light, so ... see post
Pore minimizer primer
What's the best pore minimizer primer? I just have tried the benefit porefessional and its ok. Is there anything better than that?  Thanks 😘
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I recommend the Dr. Brandt too; I've also been using a sample of CoverFX calming primer that I really like. Another to try is Tarte clean slate timeless.  Good luck!   see post
Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipstick dupes?
not sure if it's been posted anywhere. If it has sorry.    Since the reviews aren't great and all. Though I have still considered ordering. I thought I'd try to find something similar first.     Im on the hunt for ABH LL dupes. Especially similar to the milkshake shade.   Anyone one know of anything similar to it or to any of the shades actually???
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Marvellous March Hauls: Do What You Gotta Do!
I know we still have a few more hours until the 1st, but I thought I'd start us off, anyway!   I got the email that the Shiseido Veiled Rouge lipstick I tried to buy earlier this week (but got a shadow shipped to me instead, lol) was back in stock, so I decided to try buying it again.   Come on guys!  Let's hope the second time for Skyglow is the charm   What've you hauled or will be hauling this month?
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Oooh... *runs off to look up!* see post
Best Blush/Bronzer?
I need help finding a good bronzer "for all over the face to give me warmth"    Blush anything nice you would recomend?       & What are your favorites
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Hi lulupiee,   I like tarte's Clay Bronzer Blush - I like bronzers that have just a hint of shimmer, I feel like it's a fast way to really warm up your face. You can... see post
No luck finding a foundation that matches my pale skin tone! Please help!
Hey guys, I hope you can help me out with this! The scenario: I have extremely extremely pale skin. I have tried Sephora's Aerosol Foundation in Cream, Make Up for Ever Velvet Matte in Alabaster, Tarte's Amazonian Clay Foundation in Fair-Light Honey and Josie Maran's Powder Compact in 01- Fair/Light but everything has been too dark for me and it's getting quite frustrating to not have found a perfect match yet! I have even tested out some of suggestions listed under the ColourIQ, and low and behold, they are still too dark and/or orangey For all those with a similar issue, what foundation do you guys use and why? 
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Not sure if you're interested in BB, but I'm superpale and found the Smashbox BB in fair to be too light for me. Might be worth a try. see post
hello, i recently purchased BECCA Perfecting Powder in OPAL online  but i dont know if it would go with my skin tone my skin tone is 230 BUFF W on the product  LANCOME PARIS 24h foundation so yall can have an idea of my skin tone i was wondering if opal would go good or do i need to change the color to moonlight?
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I just bought opal today my skin is like a light medium if that makes any sense with yellow undertone. I think this powder would look great on you, it's not overpowering... see post
Glamglow Thirstymud-who wants it?
I know some people either love this or really dislike it.  I'm in the in-between crowd where it doesn't irritate my skin but it doesn't really do much for it either.  Anyways, i will be giving away a brand new jar of the mask.  Sticking with the favorites theme, it will go to the person who can guess my favorite actor.  Only for people living in the US.  hint: its not a TV star.  
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Oooh...I loved him as Darcy and he was amazing in The King's Speech. Great favorite! see post
In the market for a new mascara
I have been using UD's Perversion. I loved it for awhile. But it seems like it is not consistent. My lashes seem awesome one day but meh the next. And it has some clumpy days too. Those days seem to be increasing.  I'd like to buy something new. I'm not sure what direction to go in. I'm leaning towards the Diorshow. But even then I'm not sure which one I want.  Any recommendations? Thanks!! 
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Alot of really great suggestions!  I have to add a few more; agree with others about Lancome; pretty much any of them are great, buy by brush type.  I would also recomme... see post
Im looking for a primer and under eye consealer for combination to oily skin.
I currently have the Mac mineralized foundation and a prep and prime pen for highlighting. I find that my makeup does not last for me as it is mineralized and it wipes off my face very easily. Should I switch to maybe a foundation that isnt mineralized? However, I do like the fact that it is less harmfull on my skin. How is the Tarte line? Also looking for a under eye consealer and primer that may help my situation. Please help! What do you guys recomend? Thanks, Stefanie
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IT GIRL C0ffeeAndMakeup / IT GIRL IT GIRL / replied
I have combination skin too and primers have been less effective than finding the right foundation. The best one I've found for oiliness is Guerlain Lingerie de Peau. It... see post
with the popularity of the "skincare regrets" thread, i thought i'd make a post discussing "gateway" products that contributed to your learning what your skin likes.   i have a few. for cleanser, the BOOTS botanics hot cloth balm was a revelation for me because it was the first time i tried a balm cleanser--and  essentially any sort of cleanser that didn't leave my skin tight and stripped. it completely shifted my perspective of approaching skincare as skin care rather than skin punish .    the AVEDA botanical kinetics exfoliant was my first acid toner i used after cleansing / before moisturizer and i saw a marked improvement. i now use primarily AHAs rather than the BHA (salicylic acid) that is in the AVEDA, but upon my first purchase i didn't even really know the difference. i was soon down the rabbit hole that is skincare   and lastly, KIEHL'S midnight recovery concentrate was the first facial oil i'd ever used. it taught me my skin liked oils--and i stopped searching for only oil-free products. i woke up with skin feeling supple and i thought "ohhhhh" . i also applied it directly to a in-the-skin-never-completely-goes-away spot on my chin. within 2 hours it came to a head and i never saw it again. this eventually led me to my beloved CLARINS blue orchid oil. and the rest is history.    how about you ?
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My gateway was Lush.  I started using their skincare in my early 20s and had no idea before then that skin care could make my skin feel and look so good, or that it coul... see post
I want to grow my hair out to waist length. My hair is around the bottom of my ribs but since it's curly it looks shorter than it actually is. My hair gets tangly easily and is naturally thin, what are some products that could make my hair shinier and softer? What are some tips for growing hair long & keeping it healthy?
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Hi lovexxbeauty,   Waist-length hair is ambitious! Good for you! I'm a fan of ambitious beauty goals :) To keep hair soft and shiny I would recommend Living Proof's ... see post